“I was so glad to see a center open again in Westby, I was one of the first families to enroll.”
Maggie McGram - parent
“I could always count on WDCLC to be open. I have never known them to close due to weather, illness, or vacations. This helped me keep my job.”
Kyle Schima - parent
“My kids loved going to Westby Day Care & Learning Center, they even asked to go on the weekends.”
Terry Miller - parent
“WDCLC was a good place to work, Verna taught be so much.”
Yvonne LaFlash – past employee
“Kids that come from WDCLC, already have a good head start in their Kindergarten year, due to the education they received.”
Connie Schlep - Kindergarten Teacher
“I started this child care center to be with my own 3 children during their early years. I am still here even though all of my daughters have completed college. I am a firm disciplinarian, but I do love working, playing, reading, creating and nurturing small children.”
Verna Drake – Director