Westby Day Care & Learning Center

where children and families thrive through a partnership

Westby Day Care & Learning Center and its qualified staff believe promoting family will give each child the foundation with which to thrive. Family can be any individual that a particular child lives with, has frequent contact with, or is willing to provide for the child’s needs. We at WDCLC see ourselves as an extension of your family so we can both work toward helping your child socialize, learn and play in a way that promotes their self-worth, their cognitive ability, their creative expression, and is safe. Our door is always open to family involvement, and we encourage you to share with us any unique differences your family has, so we can all grow in our partnership.

Westby Day Care & Learning Center’s Values

  1. Children are important and are to be cherished.
  2. Children need a safe and nurturing environment in the absence of parents.
  3. Parents need us to provide quality child care through our knowledge and expertise.
  4. The Wisconsin state regulations are our minimum guidelines to maintaining integrity.
  5. Treat all state and parents/guardians with respect and dignity.
  6. Parents and staff together provide integrated efforts in each child reaching their potential.
  7. Take a leadership role in our community and state.